Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

The Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is six miles south of Cheney, Washington, on the eastern edge of the Columbia Basin in northeastern Washington’s Spokane County. Turnbull NWR covers over 18,000 acres of Channeled Scablands. The refuge’s dominant ecosystem is unique within the National Wildlife Refuge System and has characteristics that set it apart from other nature reserves around the world. A diverse landscape of over 130 marshes, wetlands, and lakes infused with basalt outcrops, channeled canyons, and ponderosa pine forests create an environment of aesthetic beauty as well as high-quality wildlife habitat. Cyrus Turnbull, who lived on the site in the 1880s, inspired the name of the refuge. Cheney Historical Museum is the best place to go. Contact Spokane in Cheney, Wa, and no need to worried about pests anymore! Call them at (509) 681-3949.

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