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Field Mice

Field Mice Pests VS A House Rodent

rodent control & prevention in spokane

A house mouse and a field mouse are very different animals. House mice are light brown or gray in hue. Deer mice have tan or brown fur with white bellies, legs, and feet. House mice have practically hairless tails, while deer mice have dark tops and pale bottoms.

The way house mice and field mice keep their food is also different. A deer mouse will stockpile stolen crumbs and seeds near its nest, whereas a house mouse will not. The droppings and nests of a house mouse and a field mouse are very similar.

Rodent Habitat Variations | Pest Management Services

Meadows, woodlands, and dwellings suit both species. When the weather cools in the fall, house and field mice go indoors. Unless there are wide fields, forests, or parks nearby, deer mice do not live in residential or urban environments.

Deer Mouse Perils | Rodent Pest Treatment 

Deer mice carry the virus that causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which is lethal in humans. Understanding the health risks and preventing and controlling them requires distinguishing between field and house mice. Contact Eco-Northwest Pest Control for help with field mice control or visit our site now! Get Two follow-ups after the initial appointment!

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Mice In Your Spokane Home | Pest Management & Treatment

Numerous variables, including aged infrastructure and a bountiful food supply, as well as weather variations and animal wastes, make the Spokane area an appealing spot for rats and mice to call home. Although rats have relatively brief lives of a year or less, they breed quickly and frequently. With environmental conditions and rats’ high reproductive rates, it’s simple to see why these disgusting critters are overabundant.

Household Hazards From Rats and Mice

Worse, rats and mice are a health risk to humans and other animals. Mouse droppings and human fluids can spread hantavirus, a potentially fatal respiratory infection. During wet weather, the family dog is vulnerable to a rat-borne bacterial disease, in addition to the many others they are exposed to from the range of pests that inhabit the Spokane region.

What Traps To Get For Your Rodent Problem

The cost, setup requirements, function, and design of mouse traps vary greatly. A mouse trap should be placed in the most vulnerable areas of your home, such as along walls or behind trash.

Snap traps are the most frequent sort of rapid trigger mouse trap. Snap traps come in three varieties: bar, clam, and hidden kill. When utilized properly, these traps can quickly kill mice. Snap traps are difficult to install yet cheap, reusable, and effective at quickly eliminating a population.

A bar trap is a classic snap trap. To set a bar trap, place mouse bait on a pressure sensitive switch. A spring-loaded bar is actuated when a mouse moves the bait.
Clam snap traps have a spring-loaded “clam” jaw that opens when the bait is moved.
A baited switch hidden kill snap trap has a chamber with a baited switch. When a mouse enters the chamber and tries to transfer the bait, the hidden kill snap trap kills it, but you don’t have to see a dead rodent.
✔️ Electric traps function by luring mice into a chamber and shocking them to death. To protect humans and pets, no-touch, no-see traps are commonly used. When a mouse is caught in an electronic trap, a light flashes. These traps are usually larger, run on batteries, and are among the most expensive. In places with few rodents, electronic mouse traps work well.

Sticky traps are simple to put up and require little to no mechanical ability. The sticky surface of these traps simply captures mice and stops them from escaping. A sticky trap or adhesive trap is simple to set and dispose of. It can only be used once, is ineffective outdoors, and must be kept away from pets and children.

Live capture traps, like larger mammal traps, catch but do not kill mice. They are essentially trigger-activated cages. In the event of a mouse entering the trap, the door closes until the mouse is released. These are more complex to set up and involve live mouse handling, making them more expensive. Release the mouse at least 3 km away from home. Returning trapped mice are wary of traps. difficult to catch.

Rodents are the most diverse category of mammals, with over 2,000 species. They range in size and habitat from the Baluchistan pygmy jerboa, whose female adults weigh less than a tenth of a pound, to the South American capybara, which can weigh up to 145 pounds.

Rodents can cause significant property damage to your company, reducing the curb appeal of any public-facing facility. Furthermore, most rodent species pose health risks, making your employees and customers vulnerable to catastrophic illnesses caused by these unclean pests.


Don’t let rodents damage your company’s reputation any longer. Spokane provides rat removal services that are specifically tailored to each industrial type and may assist you in getting rid of mice and preventing their recurrence. Contact us today to learn more about our dependable rodent control services.


Unfortunately, mice will seek food, water, and shelter in practically any home throughout the winter months. However, you may perform Indianapolis mice & rodent control as much as possible by doing the following:

  • Garbage should be kept in sealed containers outside.
  • Spills in the house should be cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning your home on a regular basis
  • Repairing any leaking pipes or other moisture issues in the house
  • After each usage, clean the dirty dishes or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Food, particularly cat food, should be kept in airtight containers and refrigerated if feasible.
  • Keeping your yard clear of trash that mice can use to build their nest
  • Metal screens should be installed on all windows, doors, and outside vents.
  • Inspecting the exteriors of your home for any holes and sealing any that you locate
  • Installing weather-stripping beneath doors and windows
  • Sealing holes in the home where wires, cables, or pipes enter
  • Cutting back bushes and trees to keep them well away from the house’s exterior
rodent control & prevention in spokane

How Poison Kill Voles VS Field Rodents

Do Mice Carry Bed Bugs? | Bed Bug Treatment & Pest Services

Mice, contrary to popular perception, do not carry or spread bed bugs to humans. While rodents can bring other parasites inside their furs, such as ticks and fleas, a mouse is not a preferred mode of transportation or diet for bed bugs. To get inside, these blood-sucking pests would rather feed on humans and hitch a ride on individuals or their goods so there’s no need to control bed bugs. If you feel that you’ve encountered bed bugs contact our bed bug control firm now for our Spokane pest control expertise! You can also inquire about our pest control termite prevent and control methods.


rodent control & prevention in spokane


Rodenticides are, of course, an efficient way to eliminate moles, voles, and any other rodents you may find. Voles are essentially field mice, therefore mouse poison kill voles as well.

But voles aren’t quite house mice. They have a varied habitat, diet, and reproduction rate. So while you can put rat poison in your yard or garden, the effects and side effects will be different than if you used it in your home to kill house rodents.

So, voles must be dealt with as soon as feasible. So, employing rodenticides? While poisons are successful in killing all rodents, there are some issues to consider when dealing with voles. These issues are so many and severe that the decision of whether or not to use poison for voles becomes critical.

Let us start with the positives:

  • Poison provides for rapid killings without the need to set up and clear traps daily.
  • One broad poison treatment can perhaps eliminate the entire infestation.
  • Vole bait stations keep other animals away from the bait.

Now for the cons:

  • Voles breed rapidly, resulting in large infestations. To deal with them, you’ll need a lot of poison.
  • A lot of rodenticides aren’t allowed outside.
  • Outdoor use of vole poison can harm the soil.
  • The poison may potentially contaminate nearby vegetation.
  • Poisoning birds, harmless creatures, or even your pets is a real possibility.
  • Even after the poison has killed the voles, they must be disposed of. They’ll be there even if you employ bait stations to keep other animals out.
  • The vole carcasses might be dangerous.


Using pest control rodenticides on voles versus field mice is a tricky problem. Its downsides exceed its advantages. Depending on where you live, finding an appropriate rodenticide for outdoor usage may be challenging. Even if you find the right rodenticide, utilizing it safely and effectively is not easy. straightforward. Ask our specialists about our rodent control & prevention methods.

Field Mouse

Home Remedies to Control Mice

Where are field mice commonly found?

Field mice are natural burrowers, making nests in plants and other objects. This occurs regularly inside hollow logs or dead trees, wood piles, and plant debris piles. Burrows are frequently found under boards, grass, logs, or rocks. In the winter, field mice make nests beneath the snow.

They generally surround dwellings after consuming neighboring plants’ roots and foliage. When field mice enter your home, check for their tiny runways in the attic, basement, or crawlspace (s).

There are many indicators of a field mouse infestation, including shredded insulation, scratching noises inside walls at night, and numerous pest infestations caused by mice hoarding food inside your home.

Maybe you don’t want to buy pest control or use anything with pesticides. In either case, there are natural ways to get rid of a mouse infestation.

Peppermint oil: While people appreciate the scent of mint, mice despise it. Its powerful odor will also travel long distances. Fill cotton balls with peppermint (or wintergreen, or spearmint) oil. Place them in your pantry, kitchen, baseboards, and other areas where mice may congregate.

Kitty Litter: If you have a cat or know someone who does, use its litter to keep mice away. Mice will avoid the litter if they smell cat pee or excrement.

Plaster of Paris is a cement-like powder that hardens when mixed with water. Make little heaps of plaster and chocolate powder. Mice are drawn to sweetness, therefore they will eat the chocolate. The plaster will expand and harden in their stomachs, killing them.

Cement: Like Plaster of Paris, cement powder can be used to kill mice. Set out in tiny servings with sugar, cocoa powder, hot chocolate mix, or peanut butter. After eating it, the mouse will thirst for water, which will kill them.

Instant potatoes: Flakes or powdered potatoes can be used to control mice. When a field mouse eats potatoes and then drinks water, their stomach and intestines rip.

Control Mice & Rodents | Spokane Pest Services 

Don’t fight your rodent problem alone; trust the mice home pest control professionals at Eco-Northwest Pest Control to totally eliminate your house mice inside your home and sanitize your property against dangerous substances left behind by them. Whatever rodent home pest control topics or rodent control problems you want to address, the experts at Eco-Northwest Pest Control can help you reclaim your home and keep it safe in the future with our offered pest control services & treatment for commercial pest control and residential pest control.


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