The Spokane Parks & Recreation Department owns and operates Riverfront Park, often known as Riverfront Spokane, in downtown Spokane, Washington. Our Spokane Pest Control company is also located in Spokane. The 100-acre park is located along the Spokane River and includes Upper Spokane Falls, the country’s second-largest urban cascade.


Native Americans used the park and fall for fishing. In 1871, American settlers arrived and built a sawmill near the falls. James N. Glover bought the sawmill because of the falls’ water power potential and the Northern Pacific Railroad’s plan to establish a major line through the area. Sawmills and grain mills utilized Spokane River and Falls energy by the late 19th century. Flumes and waterwheels fueled riverbank mills. Washington Water Power Company built a timber dam at Lower Falls in 1890 (replaced in 1974) and another dam at Upper Falls in 1922 to modernize the city. Riverfront Park’s hydropower units were once there.


Spokane Falls’ potential as a showpiece was identified in 1908, but it took 64 years to materialize. Spokane’s downtown, now Riverfront Park, was a rail center for decades. 


Post Plans

After Expo ’74, the site was to be maintained as a memorial and turned into an urban park. Riverfront Park debuted in 1978, after several years of work to adapt the site. Several of its most recognized buildings, including the U.S. Pavilion, Spokane Convention Center, and First Interstate Center for the Arts, remain as legacy elements from Expo ’74. Historic highlights of the park include the Great Northern clock tower and the Looff Carousel; additional nearby attractions include the River Park Square shopping, Mobius Science Center, and The Podium sportsplex. Over three million people visit the park each year, and there is a Spokane Visitor Information Center at 620 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard with maps and information on area attractions, history, and excursions.


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