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Having mice in your house might be insanity-inducing. Hearing the tap-tap of small feet in your walls and finding “presents” in your cupboards can leave you desperate for solutions. Often, people grab for rodent poisons and spring traps to fix their mice problems, but it’s not that simple for pet parents. Rodenticides and spring traps can pose major threats to curious dogs. So how can you get rid of mice without killing your pets? Read on to find out!

Rid of Mouse Without Harming Pets

How Can You Know If You Have a Mouse Infestation

Unsure whether or not you have a mouse problem? Here are several clues mice might be hiding around your home:


If you discover itty bitty teeth marks on food boxes, chances are you have a mouse. Mice may commonly chew holes into cereal and pasta boxes to access the contents. Particularly motivated mice can even eat through walls and furniture to get food or make a home.

Mouse Sightings

Seeing a mouse is a clear symptom of infestation. However, few people with mouse infestations see the furry visitors. Mice are good at concealing and rarely come out during the day. Remember that you may have a mouse infestation even if you don’t see them.


Mice may be little, but they can create a lot of commotions. You may hear scratching, nibbling, or squeaking from your walls or cupboards. Nests\sLike birds and squirrels, mice raise their young in nests. These critters will utilize just about anything to build their nests, from straw and pine needles to pillow stuffing and insulation. Though the building materials change by availability, you’ll know a mouse nest when you see one since it looks much like a bird’s nest.

Tracks, Runways, and Oil Streaks

Droppings aren’t the only thing mice leave in their trail. Tracks, grease marks, and what’s called runways all suggest a mouse infestation. Runways are small pathways of grease, feces, and urine that mice leave behind. These markings are generally observed on walls and floors and can be extremely prominent in instances of extensive infestation.

Unusual Musky Scents

Make no doubt about it: mice stink. Their gland secretions and urine left behind are sure to taint your home with their nasty stink. If your house smells strange, and you can’t discover the source, a mouse infestation may be at play.

Pet-safe Ways- How to Get Rid of Field Mice Quickly Without Harming Pets

Getting rid of mice without posing harm to your pet can be a hard job since the most conventional solutions like rat poison are out the window. However, it is perfectly possible to rid your property of these troublesome pests without utilizing harmful rodenticides and mouse traps. Let’s investigate several ways to get rid of mice without harming your pet. How to get rid of mice without harming pets.

Live Traps

Live traps are a compassionate and pet-safe alternative to snap traps. Live traps come in different forms and sizes but are usually fashioned from clear plastic or metal and include a lid that you can open to release the live animal. It would help if you released mice at least a mile away from your residence to prevent them from returning.

Electrical Traps

Electronic traps are another option for securely ridding your property of mice. When a mouse climbs within these traps, it emits an electric current that instantly kills the rodent. The beautiful thing about electrical mouse traps is they are small and enclosed, so they can’t injure cats or dogs. You can also look for a mouse exterminator near me.

Natural Deterrents

Looking for a natural answer to your rodent problem? Try distributing cinnamon and cayenne pepper throughout your home. Make sure you place these spices in your cabinets and areas your dogs and cats can’t reach, as cinnamon and pepper might irritate their eyes and mucus membranes.

Ultrasonic Emitters- How to Get Rid of Rats/Mice Without Harming Pets

Modern rodent issues require modern solutions – enter ultrasonic emitters. Ultrasonic emitters are small machines that release ultrasonic soundwaves to repel mice (among other animals and insects) (among other animals and insects). These devices create a noise so loud and uncomfortable that mice depart.

Thankfully, though, devices generate sounds at a frequency higher than humans and cats can hear. The efficacy of ultrasonic emitters tends to taper down with time since some mice acquire habituated to the sound – particularly in instances of a high infestation. Because of this, it’s preferable to utilize this strategy in tandem with others on this list.

Tips for success

Below are some measures to make sure your residence stays rodent-free:

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