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Bird control is not a task for beginners. Because there are so many restrictions regarding bird control, you must never remove them yourself. If you have issues with birds, you should contact a local experienced bird removal technician for county animal services. Our wildlife Spokane services and bird control solutions at Eco-Northwest Pest Control are safe and effective.  Call Eco-Northwest Exterminators for control services Spokane wildlife control services, and more today at (509) 681-3949.

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Spokane Pest Control | Common Wildlife Birds

In Spokane, there are mainly three types of bothersome birds. As follows:

  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • House Sparrows


Starlings are raucous, urban birds. They nest in high numbers near homes, which can be harmful. Starlings are despised for their noisy roosting vocalizations and litter. Starlings can transmit diseases like encephalitis, ornithosis, and histoplasmosis. Starlings are brazen, aggressive scavengers who ruin gardens and crops.

Size Actual: 7.5″ to 8.5″

Characteristics: Brilliant white markings, purple-green body, and yellow beaks.

Habitat: Birds typically nest inside buildings or on top of roofs.

Habits: a lot of noisy, raucous birds that gather together.
aggressive scavengers with the ability to quickly ruin gardens and crops.
able to spread a number of illnesses, including salmonella, E. coli, and cryptococcosis.


IL Pigeons

The year-round pest feral pigeon adapts well to man-made habitats. Feral pigeons are a common urban and rural problem. Many homes and buildings provide cover for pigeons to roost, loaf, and nest. Pigeons deface buildings and spread diseases like cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and food poisoning.


Wildlife Pigeons reside among rocky cliffs. Humans provide pigeons with food, roosting, and breeding sites in cities and towns. These birds nest on window ledges, roofs, air conditioners, traffic lights, and commercial signs. Pigeons eat garbage, insects, bread, and other human offerings. When food and water are scarce where they nest, the birds fly to neighboring rural or undeveloped areas. Spring and fall are prime breeding seasons for pigeons.

Pigeon Vulnerabilities, Attitudes, And Hazard

Feral pigeons cause more public health problems than any other bird. Pigeon droppings and feathers can infect human food with illnesses. Their droppings deface homes and structures and contaminate walking and working places. Pigeon droppings and nests choke gutters, air intakes, window sills, and fireplaces and fire escapes. Pigeon ectoparasites include chewing lice, ticks, and mites that attack people, therefore Pigeon control is important.

The real size is 13.5 inches, and it weighs 10 to 13 oz.

Features: Gray or blue, with different markings.

Nests on windows, traffic lights, and other places near people where people live.


They are also called rock doves.
Candidasis, salmonellosis, and cryptococcosis are all diseases that they can carry or pass on.
They can breed all year, but the best times are in the spring and fall.


Skokie Sparrows

Sparrows are an invasive songbird pest in the U.S. and hard to get rid of. House sparrows cause complications. Sparrow droppings spread disease. Sparrows are hardy, adaptable, and aggressive, evicting native birds from their nests. Humans provide food and breeding sites for these birds. Sparrows transfer 25 human, animal, and pet diseases.

House Sparrow Actions, Risks, or Problems

Sparrows love to nest in 1-to-3-inch gaps. This includes structures, signs, corrugated overhangs, and dryer vents. Clogged gutters and drainage lines can cause substantial water damage to properties. Nests impede airflow and spread diseases through chimneys and ventilation systems. Sparrows can swarm feeders and birdbaths, and as they defend their nests, they often push out bluebirds. Contact our WA animal and bird removal pest control professional at (509) 681-3949 if you have sparrow difficulties or want animal removal services photos prices and information on other pest services in Spokane.

LifeSize: 5″ to 6″

Features: It has brown stripes, a black patch on its throat and chest, and light-colored cheeks.

Homes Building: They often build their nests on gutters, lamp posts, ledges, and other parts of buildings.

Habits: The most annoying bird that sings.
Spreads diseases that can hurt people, pets, and farm animals.
They defend their nests aggressively, often pushing out other songbird species that people want to see.

Spokane, WA Wildlife Service | How To Get Rid Of Home Birds

Wildlife Pest Control Importance

There are several reasons why birds may invade your property. Like most pests, they seek food, water, a place to rest and mate, and a place to sleep. Birds also congregate to interact, which is why you may observe enormous flocks on your roof. Unfortunately, birds can cause considerable property damage if not adequately controlled. Certain varieties can also contain a variety of diseases that can be spread through their droppings, which is why it’s crucial to know how to bird-proof your home if you have a problem with birds. At Eco-Northwest, we are proud of our compassionate and secure methods for bird exclusion and bird proofing. We offer the best Spokane county animal & bird removal services here in Spokane WA. From wildlife removal services to Spokane wildlife removal information, we give it ALL! Call our Spokane Pest Control Now!

Washington Bird Repellents & Limitation Strategies  

When it comes to nesting on your Washington property, birds are notoriously opportunistic: roofs, gutters, eaves, vents, and gutters new and old are among their favored locations. In extreme circumstances, they have been observed digging holes in roofs and entering attics. In addition to being ugly, bird droppings can also pose a health hazard. The following wildlife control Spokane solutions are some of the most prevalent methods for wildlife bird deterrence & control:

  • When appropriately placed, bird spikes are great bird control methods to restrict the regions where birds can land and nest peacefully and makes wildlife removal Spokane services easier.
  • Netting: Animal Nets aren’t just wildlife control methods used for Spokane raccoon removal but they can also be installed over the HVAC system and around fruit trees to discourage birds from nesting.
  • Similar to netting control, wire grids help in Spokane pest control and deter birds from nesting on or around your property.
  • Available in gel, spray, and electronic versions, repellents can control & prevent birds from landing on your WA property.

Scarecrows aren’t enough to control birds. Successful bird pest management uses compassionate approaches to keep birds away. While birds aren’t dangerous, it’s best to hire a professional to remove them. Birds are a normal part of life, however there are various signs you need Spokane wildlife control experts:

  • Noise levels
  • Nest-clogged gutters and drains
  • Nests and feces damage buildings
  • Pecking and roosting birds damage shingles and siding.
  • Bird droppings corrode metal, concrete, and paint.
  • Equipment, product contamination

Pest Control | Control Methods For Nuisance Birds

WA Bird removal and wildlife control services & strategies can range from bird repellents to roosting and landing prevention techniques, among other things. Eco-bird Northwest’s removal WA professionals assess the area for ways to prevent a bird’s access to sources of food or shelter as part of our guaranteed-to-work Step-by-Step Process. Some of the birds we treat are as follows:
Pigeons: Considered one of the “dirtiest” birds, pigeon nests can soon become a repository of dung, garbage, and even unhatched baby birds.
Starlings: Known for using the restroom just where they feed, starlings travel in large groups and prefer to congregate in grassy places.
Sparrows: This aggressive bird will compete for food while making a lot of noise. They enjoy starting battles with other birds and are known to nest in buildings when living in cities.
Grackles: Grackles are loud and generate a lot of garbage around them. They are extremely aggressive, eating a lot of food as they pass by.
Geese: This wildlife animal is extremely territorial and will attack if you approach too close to their nests, which are massive and appear to be everywhere including WA.
Gulls: Seagulls can be found in any body of water, including lakes and rivers. They’ll eat anything, and their excrement can cause structural damage.
Eco-Northwest Pest Control’s bird removal and control specialists can assist you right now! We also offer top pest control services for not only birds, but all pests issues including bird control, wildlife removal Spokane services, Pigeon control, Spokane wildlife control, prevention solutions, and more! For wildlife control services photos prices and more contact us or schedule here now! Call and Get A FREE Consultation Quote Today!

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