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Is There a Swarm of Bees In Your Backyard?

We would like to start off by saying that bees are a crucial species in our world. They provide the pollen that helps plants flower and grow! The problem is that when a colony of bees makes the decision to build a hive near your home, they can become a danger to your family and friends, especially if the hive is ever disturbed.

Why is this a problem? It’s because a bee can be a voracious defender of their hives. They are a bit less aggressive than hornets or wasps but will attack a potential threat without hesitation. A bee nest in your yard can be problematic if you have small children. People can be highly allergic to bee stings too, and living near a colony can be life-threatening.

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Types of Bees

A bee is a flying insects that are very closely related to ants and wasps. Most bees live in colonies consisting of drones, workers, and a queen. There are many types of bees, and it’s important to note that not all of them are aggressive. In fact, some are very docile and will not bother unless disturbed. Some species of bee don’t even have stingers!  We aren’t beekeepers, but we sure can provide removal of those suckers.  We remove honey bees safely and soundly. Typically a bee hive will rest on a shrub for a few days before moving on. If the bees are inside the roof vent, wall, eave, attic or chimney, the sooner you have them removed the better. If you aren’t sure what kind of bee you’re dealing with, stop by the bee identification chart. An essential part of bee removal is to remove the nest, otherwise you may have a recurring problem. Bees use their wings to keep the honeycomb cool throughout the day. Once a colony of bees is eradicated or extracted, the honey will melt into the structure if it is not removed. This can cause noticeable stains and other damage. Perhaps more importantly, the old hive may attract rodents, moths, and other insects. In addition, if the bees are not removed, the smell attracts new bee colonies that infest both the same location and other areas of the structure.  

Honey Bees

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The honey bees are the type of bee that most folks encounter. They are yellow and black, have slender bodies, and are often confused with hornets or wasps. They are not typically aggressive but will swarm around a perceived threat and use their stingers to protect the hive.  Our pest control service will remove the nest and neutralize the swarm.

Carpenter Bees

The Carpenter bee is a large, hairy bee typically seen flying around solo rather than in a large colony. Carpenter bees do not have stingers, but they will fly around aggressively and swarm to intimidate any perceived threat. Carpenter bees bore into wood to lay their eggs, leaving large oval holes. They are known to damage homes and other wooden structures around your property.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are very similar to carpenter bees but tend to be smaller with fine hairs all over their bodies. A Bumble bee does not bore into wood like the carpenter bees. Instead, they prefer to nest underground. They do not have stingers but may bite if provoked. The bumble bee is not much of a concern unless they set up a nest in a high traffic area near a home or business.  Get pest control for your bee problem today, the number is at the bottom of the page.  Beekeeping isn’t our service, instead pest control, we will help you discern the correct professional.

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At Eco-Northwest Pest, we believe in providing affordable pro pest management that is unmatched in the Spokane area of WA.  From proactive preventative solutions to on the spot 24 hour emergency solutions, we have you covered.  Call today!

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