How long does a wasp nest last?

Wasp Nests on the Move When Spring arrives, our gardens must prepare for the arrival of a variety of insects, the most common of which are wasps. Wasps, unlike bees, are aggressive insects that can cause serious harm if their nest is threatened. Wasps begin building their nests at the start of spring (around mid-April) […]

When Do Wasps Come Out??? – Wasp Protection

The Importance of Wasps  Wasps are necessary to the natural surroundings and function at their greatest level throughout the summer months. Wasps consume arachnids and a lot of bug bugs, such as ants or caterpillars, often by laying their eggs on or inside other pests or spiders that are consumed by newly hatched wasp larvae. […]

How Many Times do Wasps Sting? Watch out for Yellow Jackets!

  The sight of wasps lingering over jam, fizzy drinks and sweet treats is a trusted indication that late summer season is upon us. However how numerous times can they sting and why do wasps appear in August? Here’s what we understand. 1 Wasps can sting people several times, Wasps utilize their sting to attack […]

How Long do Wasp Stings Last?

Wasp stings are normal, particularly during the warmer Summer months when people are outside for longer time periods. They can be uneasy, but the majority of individuals recuperate quickly and without complications. Wasps, like bees and hornets, are geared up with a stinger for self-defense. A wasp’s stinger includes venom (a toxin) that’s transferred to […]

Spotting Rodents in Your Home? Signs of Mice Infestation

Spotting Rodents???? It is a dark and stormy night. You’ve popped the corn, iced the tea, and settled into your favorite chair for a relaxing night of Netflix. As you immerse yourself in the most recent Hollywood zombie flick, you hear a faint scratching sound originating from the kitchen area. That’s when you see it. […]

Stop Stink Bugs from Coming In your Home – Prevention Techniques

What Are Stink Bugs? Are Stink Bugs Dangerous? The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is viewed as an intrusive species in the wake of being first acquainted with the United States during the 1990s from Eastern Asia. This specific species was first found in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and has kept on spreading across the United States […]

Insect Proofing Your Home. Working from the Inside and Outside

Insect Proofing! Protecting Your Home   Lots of parasites look for sanctuary in residences and various other structures in reaction to changes in weather, such as prolonged periods of rain or drought, or the onset of cooler temperature levels in fall. Taking steps to block their entrance can considerably lower the chances of future sightings. […]

Winter Bug Control. Where Do they Go? – Spokane Bed Bug Extermination

The Real Truth about Bugs During the Winter One of the wonderful aspects of winter months is though it could be cool; you do not have to fret about bugs. You can go for a cold stroll, build a snowman and never ever bother with insects, ticks or other pests. Spokane PestControl seems to be […]