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Nobody loves having mice in their home. Rodents within your home can cause many problems since they can go through your food, gnaw on wiring and furniture, and bring different diseases. When you find a mouse infestation in your home, it’s crucial to act on it right away. One popular approach to removing rats and mice from a home is through the use of mothballs.


But do they truly work: are mothballed useful for deterring mice? Even though mothballs can help reduce pests like moths and other bugs, it isn’t a very efficient mice repellent. Aside from this, it also offers significant threats to humans and pets.


Mothballs are classed as a pesticide and are used to help remove pests and insects. It is widely used to kill pests on fabric and textiles. These are generally made of active compounds, either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene.

Mothballs work by progressively converting from a solid to a harmful vapor. As these materials might be damaging to the environment, mothballs are really regulated by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) (EPA). It is crucial to follow the instructions on the label when using it to prevent any unintended incidents.

Since mothballs are categorized as a pesticide, it is not uncommon to use them as a mice repellent. It is said to drive rats away because it has naphthalene, a chemical that can cause blood cells to lose their ability to carry oxygen when inhaled. Naphthalene is also a strong-smelling chemical. It emits a pungent aroma that is sensitive to rats and mice. Since rats have a great sense of smell, some individuals consider that mothballs can be utilized as a deterrent for these pests. You can contact the best exterminator near me for mice. Unfortunately, mothballs shouldn’t be utilized as mice repellents at all.


Mothballs may be regarded as mice repellents, however, it has not been shown efficient. The amount of naphthalene found in mothballs is adequate to eradicate moths on fabric like garments and bedsheets, but it is not enough to repel mice. To effectively repel these rodents, you would need larger doses of naphthalene. However, employing larger doses can be hazardous to people and other animals as well. The required level of this molecule to repel mice is the same level needed for humans.

There have also been rare occasions whereby mice have moved past mothballs. When these are placed about the house and left alone for a while, rats and mice are normally smart enough to realize that it is a threat to them. They simply avoid the mothballs and take another way instead. The usage of mothballs can offer harm to children and pets since they can mistakenly swallow these.

They may confuse these for food and candy which can cause more difficulties in the long run. Prolonged exposure to mothballs can potentially entail severe health concerns for humans. Some of the moderate side effects are headaches and nausea, while some of the serious effects include respiratory issues and renal damage. Additionally, the usage of mothballs as animal repellents is forbidden. The Environmental Protection Agency restricts the use of mothballs to repel mice, rats, squirrels, snakes, and other wildlife, which is another reason why it is not suggested to use mothballs to treat your domestic mice infestation. But the question is are mothballs good for mice?


Since mothballs can cause harm to humans and pets, you may wish to consider other methods to repel mice. Here are four safer and more effective alternatives to exterminate mice on your property:


Using mothballs to combat mouse infestation within your house is definitely not an efficient method and can potentially produce more difficulties than you already have. Because of this, it might be wise to consider expert help when it comes to eliminating rats and mice.

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