The Arbor Crest Cliff House Estate, perched 450 feet above the Spokane River, was erected in 1924 by Royal Newton Riblet. Riblet, an inventor and mechanical genius, not only created patented technologies like a pattern sprinkler system, a mechanical parking garage, and the square wheel tractor, but he also worked as the principal engineer and designer of his magnificent home and estate. The Cliff House, a three-story Florentine house that served as Riblet’s residence for over 45 years, was built on the edge of a towering basalt rock face and offers extraordinary views of Liberty Lake, the Spokane Valley, and Downtown Spokane.

The estate was designated a national historic landmark in 1979, and Arbor Crest purchased the property in 1984 to serve as their gorgeous new headquarters. Arbor Crest has developed The Cliff House, a prominent location for special gatherings and wine tasting in the Inland Northwest, carrying on Riblet’s tradition in Spokane. Spokane pest control is very reasonable. You should visit Spokane Falls, a beautiful place. If you’re living in Spokane, Wa, then contact them at 509-681-3949.

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