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Eco-Northwest Pest Control offers free ant control quotes over the phone and flexible service plans.  You can rest assured that we will successfully rid your home of those pesky ants!  Call Eco-Northwest Exterminators today at (509) 681-3949.

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To get your ant problem under control, assessment is an important initial step. To find ant nests, follow their trails. Ants put down a chemical scent trail along their established routes to and from a food source so other ants can easily discover the food. Inside a house, check along the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all locations of the kitchen area

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Don’t wait until your home or business is over-run with carpenter ants, call Eco-Northwest today!

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Are you seeing signs of ant infestation in house walls?

If you are worried that you have an ant infestation, look for these signs: exposed food overrun by ants, pet dishes filled with ants, stray ants scurrying your home and you find an ant nest outside your home.  If any of these are the case, call Eco-Northwest Pest Control today for ant extermination in your house.

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The Pest Library – Ant Species and Others

Insect identification is among the primary steps to preventing or eliminating an infestation. Search our library to research your problem pest, and find the Modern solution for treatment and control.

The best time to treat your house against termites is NOW! A house is a major investment that you want to safeguard, and protection starts with termite prevention. Nearly all houses must have a termite treatment plan and be examined by a licensed pest control business like Orkin. The company must not only treat, however likewise evaluate the ecological aspects around the house, searching for appealing conditions for termites, such as woodpiles, water leaks, and structure penetrations.

Most individuals don’t think the possibility of insect direct exposure to more than kitchens, food, and home foundations. However insects, whether they’re termites, beetles, or bats, can do major damage to your local library. From paintings to documents, books to bookcases, bugs that make their way into town libraries can present significant hardships.

Termites, cockroaches, and other insect-related bugs are typical in public areas, including libraries, and their existence can result in great damage to wood and paper products. In the past, bug control utilizing involved utilizing regular insecticides to the infested areas and to the objects that were impacted. However with current health and wellness issues related to using these chemicals, insect control choices have changed.

Normal family bugs can vary significantly depending on where you live, but some of the most common home pests include ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and flies, not to point out rodents. To determine what type of bugs you are dealing with, we recommend utilizing our bug identifier above, along with hiring an insect control expert.

Common Ant Solutions – Solving the Ants Equation

This is our most common ant, the little blackish species that invades our homes and backyards looking for food and water. Plentiful in city areas, it establishes to prodigious numbers and single colonies may harbor thousands of employees. It frequently becomes especially noxious at the onset of cool weather condition in the fall, when colonies assemble and move to protected, warmer quarters under homes, and foraging columns begin to seek food indoors. The types is among the most consistent and frustrating of all our house-infesting ants. Argentine Ant workers look for and feed upon practically every kind of food, although they are especially keen on sugary foods. Making themselves almost objectionable, the ants get into your house through minute crevices and fractures – filling along baseboards, throughout sinks, and over walls and tables in endless routes.

Carpenter Ants – Understanding the Ant

Carpenter ants tunnel through wood, damaging structures, whether they be office or homes structures, and, like Termites or Carpenter Bees, they can end up being a structural hazard. Carpenter Ants generally look like large black ants. While they have distinguishing characteristics from many other ants, it often takes an experienced eye to understand the difference.


Carpenter ants are social bugs and Workers will be sealing the nest where they have excavated a small cavity in the soil or wood to take care of their Queen, who has no other duty than to lay eggs. The few Workers that emerge from the first brood are small, however assume the tasks of the colony. They open the chamber to the outside, gather food, start to grow the nest by excavating galleries to increase the size of the nest, and tend the eggs, larvae and pupae of the second generation. Workers spit up food for the nourishment of the establishing larvae.


As the ant colony grows, satellite colonies are produced and may be spread within a 200-yard radius of the significant nest. As lots of as many as 12 satellite ant colonies may be associated with one significant nest of ants. The colony of ants is said to be fully grown when winged reproductive ants are formed. This happens within 3-6 years, at which time the nest can include 2000 to 3000 or more individual ants in your home home. That’s a lot of ants!

If you are targeting Carpenter ants, evaluation in the evening is more reliable because the bigger Carpenter ant is nighttime. You can identify Carpenter ants emerging from damaged wood inside your home, or foraging outside in woodpiles, decomposed or water-damaged wood, and tree stumps. Outside the house, inspect around structure walls, locations of greenery, and mulch.

Wonder How Much Does an Ant Exterminator Cost?

We have some of the most affordable ant pest control plans on the market!  Call for a free estimate because ants will nest in your home if you have a lot of accessible food. In fact, homeowners who don’t clean food spills or messes will likely attract ants. If you want to deter ants from your home, clean your kitchen regularly and thoroughly. Ants are also known to be attracted to the scent of sugar and oil.


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At Eco-Northwest Pest, we believe in providing affordable pro pest management that is unmatched in the Spokane area of WA.  From proactive preventative solutions to on the spot 24 hour emergency solutions, we have you covered.  Call today!

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